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My Collection

Welcome to Knifeology Custom Knives, my website devoted to Custom Knives; collecting them, caring for them, enjoying them.  Check out the All About Collecting (menu link above) for some interesting articles.

Here are some of the knives in my collection, please enjoy!

Willy Rigney
Tony Bose Custom Lock Back
Kirby Lambert Augustus
Warren Osborne Muranjui
Salvatore Puddu Dagger
Mick Strider Custom SNG
Ken Steigerwalt Art Deco
Kyle Royer Sting's Shadow
Bob Loveless Nessmuck
Larry Fuegen Push Dagger
Joe Kious Space Journey engraved by Tim
John White Dagger
Ron Newton Gambler
Gray Taylor Bartender Knife
Jeremy Marsh Mini-Vanquish
Salvatore Puddu Two Blade Prototype
John W Smith Sunburst Art Knife
Steve  Rapp Julie Warenski Bowie
Matt Lerch Vargas Girls
James Rodebaugh Hunter Knives
R J Martin Q-36 Knives
Richard Tesarik Hummingbird XL
Wolfgang Loerchner Dagger
Bruce Bump Port Royal
Warren Osborne Amalfi
Tore Fogarizzu T evolved Dagger
Tony Bose Reese Bose Gunstock Knives
Tim Hancock Lock-Back
Jack Busfield Pirate Persian
Michael Burch Jody Muller Collab
Matt Lerch Aftermath Engraved by Jon Rob
Bob Loveless Drop Point Knives
Elizabeth Loerchner Ros
C Gray Taylor Sleeveboard

Notice: The knives pictured here are not for sale. However, if you must, please feel free to make a ridiculously generous offer and I may consider it!

Lot's of other great knives are available for sale at

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