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Elizabeth Loerchner

"Ros" Art Knife (this one is currently available for sale on )

This is "Ros" from Elizabeth Loerchner.  Ros translates from Latin into Dew (as in the morning dew).  Latin translates to "dew".  The frame is 416 steel contoured and sculpted by Elizabeth, the blade is 440C and is sculpted and has a mirror polished finish, the most remarkable feature of this piece is the inlayed cloisonné work with gold wire inlays.  Blade:  3  1/4" ...........Overall:  7  1/2"

Elizabeth Loerchner.jpg
Elizabeth Loerchner 2.jpg
Elizabeth Loerchner 3.jpg
Elizabeth Loerchner 4.jpg
Elizabeth Loerchner 5.jpg
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