Joe Kious & Brian Hochstrat

The Legend of Arthur

This is the Legend of Arthur knife, a model 6 1/2 double pocket-locket from Joe Kious. The engraving; The jousting scene is done in perspective, it takes you from being a spectator and puts you in the saddle. King Arthur’s coat of arms is depicted in the upper panel as well as on the tack on the horse. The opponent, a member of his round table and eventual enemy, is Mordred, his coat of arms can be seen on his shield. On the backside of the knife we have the collision, horse falling backward, broken lances ect. and Mordreds coat of arms is portrayed where Arthur’s was on the flip side.

Gwenevere and Merlin are portrayed in the pockets and are accented with 18k pink gold and 14K green with some fine gold here and there as well. Gwenevere is standing behind Excalibur, which is stabbed into the ground, and on the right side Merlin casting a spell in a swirl of wind. Gwenevere, has a green gold cloak, pink gold hair, with rays of light coming down behind her, Excalibur has gold hardware and some scrollwork on the blade. Merlin has a gold belt and bag, a green gold staff with a pink gold crystal on top, background and lower foreground are swirling wind.

Brian chose an Ivy style ornament, similar to what grows on English castles to fill the negative space. An amazing work of art!

Blade:  2  15/16" ....................... Overall:  7"