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Tim Hancock

Lock-Back Folder

This is a Tim Hancock lock-back folder. Tim didn't make a lot of these so I was very pleased that he built this one this for me. The Damascus is called Chantilly Lace, the lock and pins are gold, the thumb stud is wrapped with gold and there are gold inlays in the bolster, the liners are fileworked and the scales are a beautiful mammoth ivory. One of my favorite features on this knife is the Spanish Notch in the blade, these are a trademark of Tim's fixed blade knives and I asked him if he could incorporate one into his folder and he agreed.  Blade:  2  13/16"  ......................... Overall:  6  9/16"

Tim Hancock Folder.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 2.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 3.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 4.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 5.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 6.jpg
Tim Hancock Folder 7.jpg
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